Move Your Conference To Our Live Stream Studio

Since 2012, Dynamic Videocasting has been the professional live streaming provider for businesses and organizations in North Carolina. In the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, we do value the opportunity to help our neighbors through technology

If you have cancelled a meeting or conference due to the pandemic, or if you are considering it, Dynamic Videocasting may be able to assist in delivering your message virtually and professionally.

As you are exploring options, we understand that it's important to communicate them professionally and reliably.

Our live stream studio is located just minutes off I-40 in Durham. The space is completely customizable to your needs, including presentations with PowerPoint, ability to bring in remote guests, group discussions, and panels.

  • Technology and Integrations: Your live presentation can be distributed on our secure, password protected platform in full HD. Alternatively, we can integrate our professional production into your web conferencing software (eg: Zoom, WebEx, GoToWebinar, Adobe Connect, etc).

  • Interactive: We are able to offer a variety of tools to help facilitate interaction, including: Townhall-style Q&A's, live chat, polling, etc.

  • Remote Speakers: Incorporate speakers located anywhere around the world into your virtual conference / meeting.

Studio Tour:

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