Live Stream Design and Consulting

Are you looking for a fixed live streaming solution for your office, church or venue? We can help!

Dynamic Videocasting provides consultation services to assist in building out in-house streaming studios or spaces for live streaming. Our consultation service operates over three phases:

  • Discovery: We meet with you to understand your goals and budget. We analyze the space you wish to setup for streaming. We look at your current IT infrastructure.

  • Design: Once we understand your goals, analyze your environment, and know your budget... we design a plan for your live webcasting solution. We present recommendations for equipment (video cameras, switchers, audio, encoder, etc), workflow, and configuration.

  • Deployment: After you have approved the live stream design, you may opt to purchase all equipment and deploy the solution yourself. Or, you may want us to purchase the video equipment and oversee installation... or it may be a combination. We also offer ongoing training on the video equipment.
  • Manufacturers We Use In System Designs:

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